Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Taming of Chloe and other updates

I never could have dreamed or imagined that I would be able to pet, rub, massage, and play with Chloe...but I DO!!! I was petting her every day, but she never liked it. A couple of days ago I tried scratching her head. OH WHY DIDN'T I TRY THIS BEFORE!!! She just rolled her head into my hand and PURRED.

I have worked my way up to rubbing her body, again scratching her head, and even running my hand down her spine. I was afraid to do that because of her hip/femur but she would stick up her rear end in that coy way that cats do when they want their butt scratched! She is pushing against the rim of her kitty condo with both hind legs. I am so happy.

Julian, the gray cat, is so tickled to have Chloe here! He runs in to meet her in the morning and chat with her. She just chatters away at him. I have discovered a less than chivalrous side of him...he is thrilled to run into her crate when I open it to pet her, but not to say EAT HER FOOD!!! Little brat!!! Nonetheless, he is a good friend to her. We have decided to try out best to turn Chloe into an indoor kitty.

Other news:
Tyner is finally starting to put on a little weight now that I am feeding her baby bird food. I was doing it via a syringe twice a day, buy Tyner really didn't like that. I ended up unloading the rest of the baby gruel onto the chick feed and Tyner went NUTS!!! I have never seen her little tongue work so quickly! Now I do a combination of just letting Tyner lick it out of a bowl and just dumping it on top of the chick food. I have to keep from laughing...just think about how much that little chicken tongue has to work to eat!
(This is Ling Ling)
Currently Broody and not leaving the Nesting Boxes:
Ling Ling the Chinese Langshan, and Elba, the bantam hen that is part of Napoleon Dynamite's harem.
We got 11 eggs today: 9 brown, 1 green, 1 bantam white

I picked the rest of the nectarines off of the tree before the birds or the dogs got them all. I must have picked about 25. Not bad for a 3 year old tree!

I will leave y'all with another picture of sweet Chloe!
(as you can see...we found the camera!)

Friday, August 04, 2006

The Story of Chloe, Part II

After baiting the trap with the salmon I went back to doing household chores, taking a peek out the window to see if I had caught her. Well...I caught Thunder. She ate a lot of the salmon, so I replenished the food and re-set the trap. When I next looked out the window I saw Chloe sitting in the cage with Mama Joleen sitting right outside in a kind stand-off. I rushed to the phone, called the vet to let them know we were on our way and then went down to pick up the cage, at which point Chloe scampered out of the cage! Little brat hadn't even tripped it. I had to call the vet, let them know that it was a false alarm and the trap.

After about an hour I looked outside and saw that I had trapped another kitty, but not Chloe. I went down to liberate the cat when I saw that it WAS indeed Chloe! I whisked her off, now to the emergency vet 'cause the other one was now closed! I gave the vet the rundown on the accident and subsequent hiding and Mama chasing her off. They took her in back and gassed her in a tank in order to get x-rays.

The x-rays showed she had a broken femur bone that left the "ball" in the hip socket. The vet scheduled her for surgery and then told me how much. Wowie! They told me that I would need to keep her confined and feed her lots of fattening food because she was so skinny and her leg was starting to atrophy.

We have set her up in a giant dog crate in our bathroom, complete with a cat litter tray, food, water and towels. Being feral and used to sleeping in the dirt, she has taken to sleeping IN her litter box, until she uses it, and then once she does, she pulls the towels into it! A little unclear on the concept!

I have done a lot of research, have gotten a second opinion and have decided to wait 4-6 weeks, as my regular vet advised, to see if Chloe grows a "false joint". Part of the decision to wait was that the surgery would not be as successful if I couldn't give her antibiotics twice a day for a MONTH!!! Right now I can touch her without her growling or moaning, but she is not terribly happy about it!

The sweetest part of all of this has been the new relationship forming between Chloe and Julian. Chloe is like a love struck schoolgirl when Julian strides into the bathroom. It is SO funny to see. She will slowly rise from her lounging position in the back of the crate, and coyly walk up to the grate, meowing and rubbing against it. She will reach out her paw to touch Julian and just makes the cutest little sounds when her comes up to greet her! He will just hang out near the front of the crate and flop down in front of her, keeping an eye on her. She just gazes at him, like finding a long lost love or really good friend. They have smelled each other under the front door and seen each other through the front window. They DO know one another, in a way.

I have been wondering how in the world I was going to tame her and now I think Julian will be my partner in the endeavor. It is just a matter of days before Chloe comes out of the crate to be with him. I am so happy this has turned out so well. I was so worried that Chloe wouldn't survive the heat, then worried that she would not survive the injury, thrilled when I heard she had been seen...and then heartbroken when I saw Joleen run her off! I couldn't be happier or more relieved with how things have worked out. I'll be sure to keep y'all updated!

*Sorry no current pictures...the camera has gone astray!