Sunday, January 14, 2007

Freezin' Cold!!!

We had a cold front blow into town from Canada and WAS IT COLD!!! The picture above is of the thermometer on the chicken coop. It shows that it was 25 degrees!!! This is in Northern California at 9 am!!!

I have never experienced cold like this. It actually got down to 19 degrees and our pipes FROZE. I know, half the nation experiences this, but we are just not prepared for this kind of cold. We don't have storm windows (actually...we have single pane windows!), the pipes don't have insulation, but then the rest of the house doesn't either!

The night before the first hard frost we thought, at 11 pm, that it would be a good idea to have some water trickling from all of the faucets. I turned on the first one, then went to the one in the kitchen, started that one flowing and then it just STOPPED. It was already frozen. OOOooops. It took until 11:30 am the next morning for the water to start moving through the pipes again. I had the brilliant idea to straighten out the now frozen hoses, thinking that the water would flow through them once they were defrosted. I succeeded in breaking the cheapo pvc pipe/spigot right off! Another big Ooops. Dang. I don't know about this ice stuff!!!

I called my brother that night and said, "Guess how cold it is"? He said, "Thirty nine"? He lives in San Diego. Thirty nine is cold for there...but not here. It was 23 degrees at that time.

How are all of the animals doing, you might ask? The dogs are playing with the chunks of ice! The picture above is of the ice chunk they got out of the creek and were chewing on it. Tasso has possession of it in this picture!
This morning, as yesterday, the water tank in the chicken yard was frozen. I had to go and get bottles of water for them.

The cold hasn't hurt their egg production. As a matter of fact, today we got the most eggs ever! We got 25!!! This is from a total of 35 females! We installed lights in the coop about 4 weeks ago and now they are producing!!! Farmer Jeff is now able to supply the restaurant with the eggs and we are even starting to save some from our special dinner in New York when we'll be serving deviled eggs from our girls!!!