Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Perched on the Soap Box - Chicken Mama Speaks

The Subject: Water and Gasoline

Water: Water is a necessary part of life. We will die if we don't drink water. Our bodies are 2/3 water.

Gasoline: Gasoline is also a necessary part of life but we won't die if we don't consume it. We won't be able to get places, nor will food make it to a store near you.

How much does water cost? Well, that depends on whether you get it out of the tap, out of your fridge through an internal filter, in a 5 gallon jug or a 16 oz or 8 oz personal water bottle.

I cringe every time I have left the house, am out in the world, and I am thirsty and buy water in individual bottles. Not only am I paying anywhere from .65 for a bottle to $2.50 for 16 oz. I don't believe water should cost so much nor do I like using plastic bottles.

I know that these plastic water bottles are a great commodity in the post consumer recycling market. The problem? Only 20% of these bottles are recycled. The rest end up in landfills, if we are lucky, and by the side of the road, in lakes, streams, and, basically, everywhere humans go.

Also, recently in the news, was the revelation that clear plastic actually breaks down very quickly and over 92% of the population is currently carrying bits of plastic around in their bodies.
Okay, still with me?

Gasoline now is up to $4.00 a gallon. Let's put this in perspective. A 16 oz water bottle costs, for sake of argument, a dollar. That means you are paying $8 a gallon for something that is almost free out of the tap.

If you do use the water out of tap, do what we do. We slice up cucumber and lemon, call it infused water, chill it and it tastes GREAT!!! If you really want to get fancy and make a huge batch for a party, add a sliced apple, lemon and lime along with the cucumber and lemon. WOW!

In summary, you will save money by drinking tap water, you will be helping the environment by not adding more plastic to the planet, less bottles will be made (they ARE petroleum products!) and energy will not be wasted making them. SAVE and SAVE and SAVE again!

Please share the ways you are saving money and/or not contributing to the plastic problem.

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Blogger Tiny Tyrant said...

Hi Susan.

I've stopped bringing home plastic bags if I can at all avoid it.

We recycle everything we can at our house. And we get water for our dispenser in reusable plastic bottles for much less small bottled water.

5 gallons at 39 cents a gallon is a pretty sweet deal for really good water.

Don't forget watermelon.

3:15 PM  
Blogger goatgirl said...

I,too, am on a soapbox at school. We are using way too much laminate. Some teachers are laminating everything. I keep harping on it. I have never used bottled water. We have sweet clean well water. Why buy it?

7:41 AM  
Blogger ga.farmgirl said...

I have my reusable bags I always leave(if I don't I forget them) in the car for groceries or wherever. We have well water that tastes great, haven't bought water unless emergency.
Since I live in a very rural area, I shop at the little local grocery store. Saves gas.
We grow a lot of our food, no chemicals. Saves money,gas, packaging, bags...etc.
love your post.

11:52 AM  
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