Monday, November 03, 2008

Home from our Travels to the South

Farmer Jeff and I are home from our lovely, restful, tasty and musical trip to the South.

We landed in New Orleans and, after having worked close to 6 months with an occasion day off, we slept most of the way and arrived to find tourists in New Orleans. We were very pleased to see more people in the city than we saw last year at the same time. YEAH!!! We didn't go far for our first meal. We stumbled to Mr. B's Bistro for dinner. It was right across from the hotel (Monteleone) and we were asleep on our feet. Good and convenient. We had Seafood Gumbo and their famous Gumbo Ya-Ya (chicken and sausage) and then I had Barbecued Shrimp and can't remember what Farmer Jeff had for his entree. We did get bread pudding for dessert. It was good but I prefer mine and Farmer Jeff's more. Especially his chocolate banana bread pudding. YUM.

The next day we just wandered. We took a long walk down Royal Street, walking the length of the Quarter,in the vain attempt to work off some calories that we were going to eat. We found a new and used cookbook store and just looked at the architecture. For lunch we hopped in the car and drove Uptown to Magazine Street. It runs through the Garden District and Uptown. After visiting several stores we decided to stop for a bite to eat and Ignatius was suggested to us. It is a traditional New Orleans-style restaurant named after the character of the quintessential NOLA book, A Confederacy of Dunces, Ignatius J. Riley. I had the traditional Monday wash day dish, Red Beans and Rice. It was SO good. Farmer Jeff had an Oyster Poorboy. Also delicious!

That night we ate at one of our two favorite restaurants, Cochon. (The other one is Herbsaint which is owned by the same folks!) We ate ourselves SILLY!!!!

I will give a full report on the rest of our meals. Tomorrow...

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