Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall Fun

We are in PEPPER CITY!!! The peppers are in FULL production. We have Spanish padrones, jalapenos, serranos, 2 varieties of Anaheim (Joe E Parker and Big Jim) along with pasillas, tabasco, and then the sweet peppers!!! Right now we have an abundance of RED and sweet Sheepnose Pimento peppers. These little babies are on Slow Food's Ark of Taste list. Last week we were fire roasting the peppers and I thought I was in Albuquerque from the smell!

Our dill is very healthy and of course we are growing WAY more than we need! I guess I will go out and start collecting seeds for use during the year!

We are also in great melon production. Our favorite, Moon and Stars Watermelon, complete with big, black seeds, is so good this year. I will miss having a big slab of it in the fridge. The crop of hard winter squashes are just taking off. They aren't quite ready...but we are growing butternut squash, pumpkins, Sibley squash, also on the ark of taste.

This is a late year for us for eggplant. It is still coming on. I am finally going to make my caponata and see if I can successfully can it. Caponata is a Sicilian eggplant relish and I love it!

The peaches are at an end. Jeff picked the last of them from the tree and made a big batch of jam. I do my best to eat jam every day, otherwise our supplies will be too vast. I think we will see where we can sell it. Maybe we will sell some online.

The pears are here for another couple weeks, the tomatoes are starting to show signs of slowing, but are still wonderful!

Our "shoe peg" dent corn has finally tassled out at 14 feet! We are growing it for cornmeal. Yes, another attempt to do it all!!! We call it the "Field of Dreams" corn patch because you honestly could get lost in it!

Where did summer go? Was it on the fast track? I don't know about you, but I am so happy it is fall. Why? The farm slows down, the catering picks up, it is cooler (or at least it is supposed to be!) and time for slow-cooked "comfort" foods.

I had best get off the computer and out onto the farm to help Farmer Jeff with the chickens. They are all good, healthy and starting their annual molt. We have enough random feathers floating around to make at least one good sized pillow, but I don't think we could ever get the smell out! Yum, chicken feathers!


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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Thoughts on Theft

Friday, September 04, 2009

Summer flies by

Where has this summer gone? We have been working like crazy people on the farm, catering and welcoming the newest, exciting edition to our lives...drum roll, please...

In the works for over 7 years, we finally have the copies in our hands! They are currently for sale at the restaurant, Zin Restaurant & Wine Bar and they will soon be available on our website. Speaking of which, the new website for the restaurant went up TODAY!!! So exciting. Thanks to Joey and Rosemary for all of their hard work and HUGE thanks to Alan Campbell for his GORGEOUS photos. What a talented man!

Where do I begin to talk about our summer? It has been filled with friends, food and farm. Just last night Farmer Jeff fixed dinner for us. He picked pasilla peppers, anaheim peppers, and some tomatoes. He roasted them and then pureed them and nestled chicken breasts in their sauce and roasted all of it. We also had our sliced tomatoes with garden basil and a good-sized wedge of Humboldt Fog goat cheese. The piece d'resistence, sauteed Spanish "padrone" peppers. YUM!!!

We have also had a couple of our roosters come into their own. I won't go into graphic details, but suffice it to say they have earned their crowing rights! Here is a beauty shot of Ivanhoe. He is the youngest of our Ameraucana roosters and will be put out to stud very soon!

We have also been blessed by a wonderful extern from the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, Denise. She has saved us this summer with all of her farm help, catering help and great attitude. She has also fallen in love with our rooster, Madison and is the unofficial president of the Madison Fan Club. In the near future we will have T shirts for the various chicken fan clubs.

She has also taken some great pictures of our other chickens, including some fun group shots.

She and Farmer Jeff picked a lot of tomatoes the other day for sauce. After cooking half of the tomatoes, they made 25 GALLONS of sauce. Holy Moly!

Denise was also kind enough to take a picture of our newest "Mille Fleur" Belgian Booted Bantam, Lucrezia Borgia.(I am holding her)

Thank you, dear readers of my blog, for your patience this summer. I have had my computer super-charged by Fixer Ken (thank you, Ken!) and now will be able to write blogs and post pictures with ease. In the meantime, have a great Labor Day weekend!