Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 7 - Countdown to Baby Chicks - Candling Night!

(Photo taken from Univ. Illinois @Champaign-Urbana site "Chickscope"
To give you an idea of how many eggs we found NOT to be fertile and growing chicks, Farmer Jeff asked me in a very plaintive voice: "Can we PLEASE not have all of these chicks in the bathroom"?

We started with 41 eggs in an incubator which holds 42. I guess I thought I would be a little manic if I filled all 42 spots. I guess that is like an alcoholic not thinking they are an alcoholic because they don't drink before 5.

Well, we have 40 eggs that are growing and only one that is not. I guess one of the hens stayed in the hen house that day and was able to evade the 6 roosters. SHE should be the one we breed!

Now it is just a waiting game. OH, a friend and Chicken Mama in her own right advised me to keep the humidity in the incubator at 50-55% until the last 3 days at which time I need to raise it to 65%. WHAT!!! How in the world am I going to do that!!! things to worry about! Where is my Chicken World catalog when I need it!

PS: Farmer Jeff is going to build a brood box that will be set up in the greenhouse! He is excited he gets to build something! Whew!

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