Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What in the world is going on?

Is the world spinning faster, thereby making us feel like we need to get more done? HEAVENS!!!

We HAVE been Whacky busy. Doing what, you may well ask? Well...Here are some updates.
Last Week...

Kitty up a Tree...who is that?
The other morning, when the dogs went out, they got as far as the tree before they started barking. What in the world is going on, I asked Farmer Jeff. He didn't out I went and then looked up. Well, hello Stranger! Who are you and where in the world did you come from? Once we got the dogs into the house we were able to coax the handsome stranger down far enough to read his tag and call his owners. Thank Heavens for that tag!!! We got a call back from the kind and very worried owner. Turns out that it was a brave kitty from across the very treacherous road that runs between our houses. The kids of his house came over and got him. What a lucky kitty! The kitty's name, you are asking? Pancho. Nice to meet you, Pancho. Now be careful!

The Pig Pit
Farmer Jeff is hard at work on his Central Texas-style Pig Pit. is not for raising is for cooking them for dinner. 'Nuf said. We are not vegetarians. We do eat meat and actually prefer our pork over most meats. Sorry, Papa, I will not eat cheese so I can eat my pork!

I love the lines of this structure. It reminds me of an ancient church. I know it is where Farmer Jeff will be spending many a Sunday praying for crispy pig.

The Chickens
The chickens are still enjoying their remodeled house. Here is a picture of Wild Girl, daughter of Elizabeth, a now deceased Ameraucana and sister of Jericho. She is not the size of a full grown Ameraucana and does not lay green eggs. She does have a rather squirrelly personality, hence her name.

The Tea Party
I was able to have a little tea party to celebrate my sobriety "birthday" and my sweet honey gave me the most beautiful floral arrangement from my favorite florist, Dragonfly Farm, here in Healdsburg. I love tea parties. We had kind of a Southern-style tea with Pimento Cheese Sandwiches, Smoked Catfish Pate on Crackers, Cucumber Sandwiches, Hearth-Baked Biscuits with Willowside Meats Ham and a Honey Mustard, then also butter and then housemade Zinfandel Grape Jelly that we make! For dessert I was given a magnificently decadent 4 layer chocolate fudge cake...swoon...Thankfully I had folks with whom I could share it!

The Benefit
Farmer Jeff was asked to be one of two "Master of Ceremonies" (emcee) at a fund raiser in his hometown (kind of) Modesto. It was the first time a fund raiser in that area had a cooking competition, Culinary Clash, as part of the event. Since Farmer Jeff has won two of this kind of contest (Derby Day several years ago and "Steel Chef" last year at the Sonoma Showcase) he was a perfect choice.

We left town a little early so we could hit his favorite hamburger stand, Scenic Drive in, for a "knock out burger". This is what an article in the Modesto Bee had to say about Scenic: Over the years, Scenic Drive-In has become one of the most popular spots for burgers in the area. Next to Scenic Cemetery and west of Coffee Road, the restaurant is known for its signature "Knockout" burger, which includes avocado, bacon, cheese and hot peppers.
I think it also has 2 hamburger patties. Sadly, it is currently closed for repairs.

He called his father in a panic from the parking lot, and we were redirected to "M.O.A.B.", which stands for Meal On A Bun. OH MY GOD...what a meal that was! I also had a chance to see that my honey's love of old farm stuff is really one of his cultural back ground. Here is a picture of both the burger and the walls of the place.

We made it to the event in time, didn't need to eat tums but did have a bubbly drink to counteract the lunch, and were treated to a fun evening! Farmer Jeff was a natural! It was fun to watch. He had a fun reunion with his first "Chef", Stan Dimon, under whom Jeff worked and trained for several years at Mallards. This was the chef that warned Jeff: you will be working weekends, holidays, birthdays and most of the time that your friends will be off having fun. Are you SURE you want to be a chef?
Well, that was well over 20 years ago and here we are!

Bye, Bye A Good Yarn!
After 5 years in business and the formation of many wonderful friendships and knitting projects, my favorite place to hang out (and buy yarn!) has closed. We didn't let the day go unnoticed. We threw a little party for our beloved friend, Laura Vink, and toasted her into retirement! We also had a last run at the yarn. Farmer Jeff has been teasing me that we will be the first in the nation to have a yarn cellar. I assured him that I am an amateur when it comes to collecting soft and pet-able yarn. I have friends that are on husband imposed "yarn diets". You know who I am talking about! Anyway, we will still get together and knit every Saturday morning, but it just won't be the same! Thanks, Laura. You have given us a great gift of friendship! Now come and knit with us!!!

Well...the tea party was Sunday, April 6th. In that week we also did 2 catering jobs and then ended the week on Sunday by planting 192 tomatoes. I am sure glad we both like challenges and like to accomplish things! Next...this week!

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