Sunday, April 13, 2008

All in a day's Work!

Today we planted the first of the tomato babies. What does that entail?

  • Creating rows/furrows (6 rows, each 60 feet long)
  • Setting up the irrigation system
  • Spreading 4 bags of powdered oyster shells carefully over the rows
  • Turning the dirt over the irrigation tape and oyster shell
Going to the nursery (Harmony Farm) to buy more stuff for the irrigation
  • Putting green plastic over the tops of the rows
  • Fixing us/the workers lunch
  • Cutting through the plastic to make holes for the tomatoes
  • Adding mushroom mulch to the holes
  • Planting the tomatoes, all the while making a very detailed list of exactly what was planted where. WHY? We did “library rows” at the Ruff Patch (the name of the farm where we are planting) with 2 plants of each variety of tomato and needed to keep track what was where.
  • Planted the tomatoes – 192!!!
  • Added more mushroom mulch

What are we doing now, you might ask? I am writing the "load/packing list" for an event tomorrow at Stryker Sonoma Vineyard. Farmer Jeff is supposed to be writing recipes for the cookbook. I think he is wandering around the internet while I write my blog! We are both playing hooky!

All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy. Right?
(Who remembers what movie that was in? It feature
d someone named Jack. Coincidence? We think not!)

I am leaving with you a hint to the question above. A hatchet actually had a part in that movie.

The guys found this hatchet head while cultivating the soil. Will someone please explain to me how in the world folks believed that burning glass and metal with their trash would get rid of it?

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